Fly over all the traffic.

Stop-and-go traffic and hours-long commutes are a hassle. Why not fly over all that traffic? With FLOAT you will have access to Southern California area General Aviation airports. No TSA and 15-30 minute flights from one side of the city to the other.

For about $30 each way
you can fly instead.


Tell me all the details.

Yes. You really can fly to work and back every day.

How much does a FLOAT subscription cost?

The cost of the flight is dependent on the airports from which the route will originate and terminate, the distance between the airports, and the local fees and charges for each airport.

Sample Promotional Pricing for Roundtrip Monthly Subscriptions:
Pomona (POC) to Hawthorne (HHR) $1,250
Temecula (F70) to Corona (KAJO) $1,250
Torrance (TOA) to San Fernando (WHP) $1,250
San Gabriel (EMT) to Fullerton (FUL) $1,250

Get ready
for takeoff.

Commute, midday, and weekend flights start in January.

Better than
bumper to bumper.

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